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Thank you for visiting the website of Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor Dr. Jonah A. Wassermann, a professional Fort Lauderdale chiropractor. In practice as well as online, Fort Lauderdale Florida 33314 chiropractor Dr. Wassermann strives for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction.

Wassermann's office you will be treated with a warmth and caring that is so rare in today's healthcare system. Our office staff is extremely friendly and will make you feel like family. Dr. Wassermann is a Chiropractic Physician who is trained in the diagnosis and treatment of human ailments without the use of drugs or surgery.

Dr. Wassermann specializes in musculoskeletal conditions such as muscle strains, tendonitis, arthritis, disc herniations, sports injuries, work injuries and auto accidents. Dr. Wassermann can also help with headaches including migraines and chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and lupus. We also offer nutritional counseling for weight loss and digestive ailments.

Dr. Wassermann's safe effective treatment methods include diversified chiropractic adjustment technique, massage therapy performed by a licensed massage therapist, stretching, muscle strengthening, exercise, traction, electric stimulation, ultrasound, hot packs, cold packs and nutritional counseling. We also have on site x-ray facilities. Dr. Wassermann works closely with medical doctors in a vast array of specialties so if he cannot treat your condition he will refer you to a physician who can.

Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Dr Wassermann is certified in Manipulation under anesthesia. Learn more about this innovative new procedure click here

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Dr. Jonah A. Wassermann, D.C.